for womxn only.

This mini-course is designed to to help you get back into your body and feel more confident about yourself.

Through a series of six lessons, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Understand your body and its needs better
  2. Discover new sources of fulfillment
  3. Improve your sense of self-worth
  4. Become a master of your own pleasure

How it works...

Daily Prompts: You’ll receive a prompt via email. Simple. Easy. Clear.

Email Support: If you get uncomfortable, I got you. Shoot me an email, and I will personally respond.

BONUS: Coach in Your Pocket: Ready for a deeper dive? Get 7-days of FREE Intimacy & Relationship Coaching (via Voxer).

When you can communicate in real time, as things are coming up for you, you can go deeper and explore issues more thoroughly. This can lead to faster results and greater transformations.

BIG shifts happen when you connect on the fly:

  • There's no need to schedule a call
  • Together, we can quickly cut through the BS and get real
  • Message me anytime, day or night.

Within 7-days you will have:

  1. More insight into why you may be struggling with intimacy
  2. Clarity on how to connect with your body
  3. Great ideas that will help zhoosh up your sexy playtime.

Investment: $33